Data Visualization

[Due to unforseen circumstances, Jer was unable to join us in person. He can be reached at @blprnt. Apologies for any inconvenience]

Material compliments of Jer Thorp, data artist in residence, New York Times.

This is a step-by-step tutorial in Processing.js, showing how even non-programmers can visualise information in new and novel ways using Processing – an open source visual programming language. We'll be working through the tutorial and some examples.

Also, for more on the fundamentals of Processing, visit

- laptop
- Processing or Processing.js (new version with added functionality)

We have two substitute tutorials, one will use Processing, the other Processing.js - but they're virtually the same.
- Download Processing here:
- And Processing.js -

We'll be working through these tutorials for a start, sample files included in the links off Jer's blog …

Session I
Tutorial: Your Random Numbers - Getting Started with Processing and Data Visualization

Session II

Tutorial: Processing, Javascript, and Data Visualization

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