Open Chemistry For Science Online 2010

What’s emerged from talking with Jean-Claude Bradley, Mat Todd, Cameron Neylon and others doing Open Science / Chemistry is that we are going to do an open experiment starting now and in full view until #solo2010 at the start of Sept.
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We shall use the Open Access (chemistry) literature to answer the question:

“Do industrial chemists use different (or fewer) chemical reactions that academia?”

This will be a data-driven experiment relying on the Open Access (CC-BY) literature and extracting reactions both manually and automatically (using the Cambridge OSCAR/ChemicalTagger software). The results will be put into an Open RDF repository (CML +RDF) where all data will be Open Data according to Panton (CC0 or PDDL).

Current sources will be:

* European patents (i.e. industrial) – PD
* Acta Crystallographica E (ca 10,000) CC-BY
* J-C’s open notebook (Drexel)
* Mat Todd’s theses. (Sydney)

Anyone can take part. All resources must be Open. We’ll probably coordinate through OKF or Unilever Centre.

More later. We’ll expect to do this on a daily basis.

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