Test And Deploy Software

Anyone can contribute or develop software as long as it is Open Source. Initially we start with Code from the Unilever Centre

Code written by members of the Unilever Centre for text-mining, high-throughput computation, semantic web, etc. Most of this has been build under our Hudson continuous integration system and should be reasonably portable but has not been widely deployed. Early adopters should be familiar with:

  • Maven 2.0
  • Java 1.6
  • an IDE (we have used Eclipse, IntelliJ and Netbeans).

Code to be tested and deployed (please be gentle — the README hasn't been written yet—)

  • Crystaleye processor . Code to extract entries from Acta Crystallographica E. Please checkout and run tests and report problems. (DanH and MarkW have got this running - thx)
  • test data from ActaE for CrystaleyeProcessor
  • Code to extract patent entries and analyse them. alpha-release now on bitbucket. needs customising

Getting started quickly:

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