Request Data Mining Permissions

We need people to help with legwork behind requests to IsItOpen.

IsItOpen aims to facilitate enquires of data holders about the openness of the data they hold — and to record publicly the results of those efforts. It is inspired by [ What Do They Know?], a site which allow citizens to make requests to find out information to which they have a right. It works by identifying the right place to ask, assisting users make requests and publicly displaying the results.

The Green Chain Reaction project will be using IsItOpen to ask publishers whether we can data-mine their chemical reactions. We know we can do this with BMC, PLoS, Acta E and a few others, but we need to capture and record their formal replies. In particular it's valuable to make sure they get courteous replies (even if they say no). So we'd like to start by asking the committed OA publishers, get "yes" from them and then start the not-so-committed ones.

How far we'll get before the date we don't know. We'd like to present this at the meeting and at least be able to show successes.

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