greenchem: How Can I Get Involved?

You don't have to be a chemist (or a practising scientist) to be involved in this experiment! The most important thing is that you offer to help. Here are some suggestions:

  • help organize and expand these pages
  • publicize the experiment
  • add your name and possible contribution here
  • help request data-mining permissions
  • read chemistry experiments and extract information manually
  • test and deploy software
  • run text-mining software to extract data from publications
  • organize the retrieved information
  • present the results in an exciting manner
  • create links
  • [add your suggestion]

Ready? Email|682mp#tsuR-yarruM reteP and add your name to the contributors and participants below!

One of many offers: Hi Peter, sounds a really fun project. I’m happy to help out with some Java coding. Also I have a cloud-hosted virtual machine I’m not really making much use of right now which you’re welcome to use.

Who has volunteered

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