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If you're unfamiliar with Mercurial the following Quick Starts are recommended

If you're unfamiliar with Maven please read the following:

Setting up a server deployment

The following has been tested on a Windows workstation.

Before starting please ensure you have a JDK installed. You can obtain this from here (ensure it's the JDK not the JRE):

Eclipse can be downloaded from the following site ("Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers" is recommended):

Once both have been installed change the eclipse.ini file in the Eclipse installation directory to add the -vm argument with the location of the JDK bin/javaw.exe you just installed. See also:

You'll also have to configure the installed JREs setting within Eclipse when that's loaded. These steps are required if

From within Eclipse install these two plugins:

MercurialEclipse plugin

M2eclipse Maven Eclipse plugin

The following documentation may be useful:

To checkout the project from the bitbucket repository click the menus File | New | Other… and on the dialogue box select "Clone Existing Mercurial Repository" from the Mercurial section. Fill out the various details as per the above section on server installation. Then you should be able to compile and test the project using the Maven workflow tools.

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